Free up emergency lines by keeping callers in the loop.

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Your reporting parties are your customers too. Some of them may be calling you on their worst day, while others may be calling as a good samaritan. CAD Autoresponder automatically sends a templated text message to reporting parties once a CAD event is generated in your CAD, ensuring that your reporting party has the information they need.

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Automate Messaging

Send text messages to your reporting parties automatically, in real-time.

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Choose Call Types

Decide which CAD calls generate a text message to your reporting party.

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Fully Configurable

Configure templates to send only to specific CAD call types.

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Simple Integration

Keep your existing CAD, but modernize it through simple integrations.

How This Helps

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For Citizens

Whether you’re a victim, witness or passerby, calling 911 can be an extremely stressful endeavor. You spend your time on the call giving dispatch the information they need while gaining very little information for yourself. With this module, agencies automatically text you the information that you may require for future reference, while educating you on matters specific to the reason you called.

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For Officers

When reporting parties call your dispatch, your dispatchers typically only have time to get the information they need before they hang up the phone. This interaction, however, is a perfect opportunity for your agency to provide relevant information directly to the reporting party. By giving them basic information about their call, you reduce the likelihood that they are going to call back to gather more information. You’re improving the experience they have with you, and you’re strengthening the foundation of your partnership with that citizen.