Modern customer service

Building upon best practices in the private sector and driven by years of on-the-ground experience in law enforcement, SPIDR Tech is designed to help public safety agencies improve public perception, decrease liability, and boost staff efficiency.


Connects with your agency's systems, no matter how old they are.


Determines the best way to engage the victim or caller: email or text.


Automatically sends a custom message.


Collects feedback through mobile-friendly surveys.

Patrol Module

Provide an immediate response

Free up emergency lines by keeping callers in the loop. Automatically send text messages to your reporting parties and 911 callers, keeping them updated on the status of their call.

Acknowledge your callers.
Once an event is generated in your CAD, SPIDR Tech can automatically send a text message to the caller, acknowledging the call and providing them with additional information and resources.
Inform your callers of delays.
If an event is waiting in your CAD for an extended period of time, SPIDR Tech can automatically send a text message to the caller, informing them and apologizing for the delay.
Close the loop.
Once an event is cleared, SPIDR Tech can automatically send a text message to the caller, asking them for feedback on their interaction.
Fully automated Send text messages to your reporting parties automatically, in real time.
Total control Decide which CAD calls generate a text message to your reporting party.
Easily customizable Choose when a text message is sent and what it should say.
Simple integration Keep your existing CAD, but modernize it through simple integrations.
Investigations Module

Serve your crime victims

Your crime victims are amongst your most important customers. They deserve the best service possible. Once an officer submits a crime report, SPIDR Tech can automatically begin sending follow-up emails and text messages to your crime victims to keep them informed as the investigation progresses.

Acknowledge your crime victims.
Once a crime report has been submitted, SPIDR Tech can automatically send an email and/or text message to victims. Ensure victims have the information they need and understand the next steps.
Update your crime victims.
If a case is updated, SPIDR Tech can automatically send emails and text messages to victims. This includes detective assignments, case dispositions, and any other updates in your RMS and case management systems.
Close the loop.
If an arrest is made, SPIDR Tech can automatically send emails and text messages to victims. Ensure victims are notified of court proceedings immediately.
Send emails and text messages Automatically send custom emails and text messages to victims of crime.
Fully configurable Decide which crimes will generate an email and/or text messages to a victim.
Multilingual Automatically send emails and texts with translations for any language.
FOIA friendly All relevant data is easily compiled into an auto-redacted FOIA report using our one-button system.
Insights Module

Measure and improve community interactions

Gather consistent, quantifiable feedback from the community members you interact with. Turn this feedback into actionable insights, and always know where you stand. Automatically send short, mobile-friendly surveys after a victim or 911 caller interacts with your agency.

Fully automated Surveys are triggered by RMS and CAD data.
Customizable Ask the questions that matter most to you and your community.
Free analysis Receive frequent reports that show trends based on variables such as location, officer, crime type, and more.
High Response Rate Mobile-friendly surveys sent at optimal times through our platform directly to those who have interacted with your agency.

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