Measure and improve community interactions

Gather consistent, quantifiable feedback from the community members you interact with. Turn this feedback into actionable insights.

Always know where you stand with your community by automatically sending short, mobile-friendly surveys after a victim or 911 caller interacts with your agency. Ongoing survey data lets you develop a baseline of customer satisfaction while tracking how the community responds to changes and initiatives within your organization.

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Real time insights

Measure your interactions

The platform can automatically send mobile-friendly surveys to gather feedback from members of your community. Whether you’re obtaining feedback from a crime victim or 911-caller, or obtaining feedback from a community member at a town hall meeting, you can ensure that everyone’s voice will be heard.

Spotlight Dashboard

Keep a pulse on your community with a real-time dashboard of your customer’s feedback. Create and export customer reports to help support your data-driven decision-making process.

Daily Survey Updates

Receive a summary email with your survey responses from the last 24 hours. Respond to issues and provide positive feedback quickly and efficiently. Leverage your community insights in near real-time. Review all survey responses on the go, with our daily survey update emails.


Fully Automated

Surveys are triggered by RMS and CAD data.


Ask the questions that matter most to you and your community.

Free Analysis

Receive frequent reports that show trends based on variables such as location, officer, crime type, and more.

High Response Rate

Mobile-friendly surveys sent at optimal times through our platform have seen an average response rate of 12.1%.