Problem-Oriented Policing

Efficiently and transparently deploy resources to address community concerns.

Pl non emergency

Not every call from a citizen requires an officer to be dispatched. Citizens routinely call for non-emergency issues such as extra patrol requests, traffic enforcement requests and vacation checks. This platform enables your agency to automatically confirm that you've acknowledged their request, and coordinate internally to make sure the job gets done.

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How This Helps

Impact citizen requests

For Citizens

No call is too small. Citizens want to know that their request is given the attention it deserves. Residents expect you to treat their traffic enforcement requests and extra patrol requests seriously, even if they aren’t emergencies. This module gives your agency a centralized platform to track and collaborate on every request, while automatically sending a text or email to the citizen who made the request.

Impact officer requests

For Officers

Typically, 40% of a law enforcement agency’s incoming dispatch calls involve a non-emergency request. You may not dispatch an officer to the scene or even input that information into your CAD. Most agencies will send emails, print fliers, use briefing binders or simply struggle to disperse that information to officers in the field. With this module your agency can ensure that none of these requests slip through the cracks, while automatically communicating with your citizens.


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Manage Requests

Digitize and view all of your non-emergency requests in one, centralized area.

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Notify Internally

Send immediate email and SMS notifications to officers in the department when a request is created.

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Communicate Transparently

Automatically message residents letting them know you’ve received their request.

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Collaborate Effectively

Enable officers to communicate with each other to collaborate and boost efficiency.