Modern Customer Service

Building upon best practices in the private sector — and driven by years of on-the-ground experience in law enforcement — the SPIDR Tech Platform is specifically designed to help public safety agencies improve public perception, decrease liability, and boost staff efficiency.

Integrates with your legacy systems

Identifies the best ways to engage the victim or caller: email, sms

Sends automated, customized messages

Gathers feedback through mobile-friendly surveys


Depending on your agency's needs, our platform can offer distinct modules designed to provide a variety of customer service solutions.

Patrol Module

Automatically send text messages to your reporting parties and 911-callers, keeping them updated on the status of their call.

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Investigations Module

Keep your crime victims informed by sending follow up emails and text messages with helpful information. These messages have led agencies to over a 40% reduction in administrative call volume and complaints.

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Insights Module

Collect feedback from crime victims, reporting parties and other members of your community through quick, mobile-friendly surveys. Review results to gain insight on your customer service interactions and overall community sentiment.

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