Victim reports

Automated Victim

Engage uses an RMS/CAD integration to identify and engage your crime victims automatically. Ensure that none of your crime victims can say that they never heard back from their local law enforcement agency.

  • Automatically identify people and businesses in need of victim engagement
  • Automatically generate a sendable email, SMS or hard letter via customizable templates
  • Automatically attach and send documents to victims as necessary
Victim reports

Citizen Request

Create, track, assign and collaborate on all of your patrol requests, traffic enforcement requests, business checks, vacation checks and more. Send out automatic updates, handle active requests and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Save time by keeping your requests in one place
  • Automatically generate updates for citizens
  • Assign requests and collaborate to completion
Citizen req
Automated survey

Automatic and Targeted

Engage uses a modern, mobile-first survey system to quickly gather survey data from your citizens.
Use automatic surveys to gather officer and dispatcher performance data and use targeted surveys to focus on particular neighborhoods, demographics and victim types.

  • Send surveys within minutes
  • Easily analyze and visualize survey data
  • Monitor community trust and employee performance
Automated survey

Multi-lingual Engagement

Ensure that all of your citizens are equally engaged, regardless of their language limitations. Create and utilize templates written in any and all languages used by your population.

  • Automatically track citizen-based language preferences
  • Send emails and SMS in multiple language formats
Multi lang

Investigator Updates

Help your investigations staff reduce their workload by automating investigator communications with crime victims. Automatically notify victims when an investigator has been assigned, an arrest has been made, a suspect has been released and more.

  • Use customizable templates for each investigator
  • Allow investigators to communicate with victims via email and SMS

Problem-Oriented Analytics

Establish both internal and external transparency and accountability by automatically tracking progress made on community requests within your jurisdiction. Understand how your patrol presence and officer-generated events have impacted these requests, and update your citizens automatically.

  • Easily analyze and visualize patrol data
  • No extra work or data input required
  • Package and send updates directly to community members
Foia request

F.O.I.A. Requests

Quickly and easily extract citizen-based and incident-based data to help service "Freedom of Information Act" requests. Automated redaction makes these easier than ever.

  • All FOIA requests are easily extracted to a sendable PDF format
  • Redacted and un-redacted versions are quickly accessible
Foia request

Additional Automation

Automate other engagement-related tasks with additional add-ons. Send automatic alarm-response notifications, landlord-tenant notifications, targeted newsletters, be-on-the-lookouts and more.

  • Automate workflows to reduce manpower cost
  • Keep your community in-the-loop like never before


Deployment includes automated integration to your records management and computer-aided dispatch systems, importing data, establishing user accounts, training and testing.

  • Requires less than 90 minutes of time from customer I.T. departments
  • All technical deployment can be completed off-site


Training can be accomplished using a variety of methods, including "train the trainer" sessions and interactive videos.
Administrator training requires less than 60 minutes, while normal user training requires less than 15 minutes. On-site training is optional.

  • Training takes 15-60 minutes
  • All update training is included

Pricing and

Simple, affordable and transparent pricing. A one-time deployment fee supported by an annual subscription fee. All maintenance, support and updates are free.

  • Easy to understand, no gimmicks
  • Affordable pricing, annual contracts
  • Free maintenance, support and updates


CJIS Compliant

Engage and the cloud are 100% CJIS compliant. All CJIS documentation is available on request.


Refund Policy

We are so confident that our customers will be satisfied with Engage, that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

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