Understanding our value

Our platform will increase your agency’s operational efficiency. Not only does this result in money saved, but it gives time back to your employees to spend on mission-critical tasks.

projected cost savings: 100 sworn size department

320K dollars saved

7700 manpower hours saved


Victim Portal Case Study

Learn how the new Victim Portal can help you reach more crime victims and save hundreds of hours of personnel time.

Survey Insights Case Study

Learn how SPIDR Tech is helping agencies connect with the community and gain actionable insights.

COVID-19 Case Study

Learn how SPIDR Tech is helping agencies respond to the pandemic directly.

Tucson PD Case Study

Learn how Tucson PD improves customer service and decreases inbound administrative calls with automated emails and texts to victims of crime.

Investigations Module

Improve communication to victims of crime by sending helpful, personalized emails and texts triggered by your RMS data.

Patrol Module

Keep reporting parties informed with text messages triggered by your CAD data in real-time.

Insights Module

Understand your community and measure performance with automated surveys.