Keep Crime Victims Informed

Your crime victims are amongst your most important customers.

Pl victim notifications

Once an officer submits a crime report into your RMS, the platform will automatically gather relevant data and send the victim a template-based email and/or text message with follow-up information. Agencies have seen a 40% decrease in incoming administrative call volume with this module alone.

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Send Emails/SMS

Automatically send custom emails and SMS messages to victims of crime.

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Fully Configurable

Decide which crimes will generate an email and text to a victim.

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Customized Templates

Create email and SMS content that keeps victims informed and satisfied.

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FOIA Friendly

All relevant data is easily compiled into an auto-redacted FOIA report using our one-button system.

How This Helps

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For Citizens

Crime victims want to know that they have been heard and something is being done. They need basic information, such as their report number or the name of the officer who took their report. With the victim notifications module, crime victims are given the information they require before they feel the need to call the department and ask. This type of full-service engagement rivals the private sector services they access on a daily basis.

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For Officers

Citizens often feel like they have to jump through hoops to get the information and the service they want, and they often lodge complaints or walk away with a negative perception of law enforcement. Every time that happens, it costs your agency money and makes it more difficult to accomplish your mission. This module ensures that every victim gets the information they need, preventing those negative outcomes. Not only does this help improve your victim experiences, it mitigates liability and saves your agency personnel costs.