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What is data-driven policing?

And how will it help us solve today's policing challenges?

Law enforcement agencies around the country are using outdated police technology. Their computer-aided dispatch, GPS, intelligence solutions, and records management systems are gathering tons of valuable data every day, but they don't have the ability to harness it.

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Today's police technology systems are fragmented.

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SPIDR brings these systems together.

  • Gather and share intelligence like never before
  • Dramatically improve your community relations
  • Quantify patrol metrics and reward officer performance
  • Deploy systems quickly and painlessly

The Platform

SPIDR integrates with an agency's current systems to provide them with data that they've always needed but never had access to. The platform consists of a multitude of groundbreaking modules that were specifically designed to help law enforcement use their data in different ways, from intelligence and patrol metrics to officer productivity and community engagement.

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Patrol Metrics

Measure real patrol proactivity and compare to increases and decreases in crime.

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Community Engagement

Automatically compile and send out reports to every citizen that calls for police service.

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Enable patrol and investigative officers to share intelligence quickly and easily.

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Mobile Media

Allow officers to attach photos and videos to persons and locations of interest, without the liability.

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